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We will adapt the classes to the level and likes of the student. This classes are focused on saxophonists and clarinetists. Also for other instruments musicians who want to learn improvisation, harmony and music theory.


Study organization

How to schedule your study session depending on the time you have available each day.

Pattern work in all keys.

How to focus the study of lines to optimize the learning and the facility of transposing melodies.

Tempo and rhythms.

Work with and without the metronome. Rhythmic reading. Rhythm patterns. Rhythm games moving the location of the metronome click and changing the subdivision.

Transcription of solos

Transcription of solos and melodies from the greatest saxophonists.

Learning tunes

How to think and analyze them.

Ear training.

Intervals and chords recognition.


Exercises of sound improvement and intonation development. Embouchure flexibility and control.

Posture playing the instrument.

Without tension and maximizing the control of our body and hands.

Warm up

Specific exercises for starting the studio session.

Technique and speed. Articulation

Where and how to put the tongue. Examples of how to work on it.


Scales and how to create our own exercises.

Modern harmony.

Chords construction, Tune analysis and composition methods.


The class will be scheduled with the student. The class can be cancelled with 48 hours notice, if it’s not for a vital reason. Rescheduling will be honored if it’s cancelled within this frametime. The lesson will not be rescheduled if the student fails to notify within this frame time and no refund will be given. If student is more than 15 minutes late to the lesson, the lesson is cancelled and no refund will be given.


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